Travel Diary: Palm Springs

I probably should have just named this post a weekend at the Ace Hotel, because in all honesty, didn’t really leave the hotel! I came here for a bachelorette, flying in direct, then ended the week in Santa Barbara with family. Besides one evening of dinner and drinks on the main strip, it was mainly spent by the pool (both day and nite) and eating in the Kings Highway (recommend!)

Initially, the thought of PS in July was overwhelming  – I was imagining 100+ degree weather, but it was actually a bit mild! We even had clouds one afternoon and a quick sprinkle of rain!

Wisdom from the Ace!


Cabazon Dinos

Check out:

  • Don’t miss the iconic Cabazon dinosaurs!  In between Palm Springs, and LA, off the freeway, in Cabazon, is the Trex that’s hard to miss, and makes for some great photos! We did not pay to go in, but rather just did a drive by photo-op stop.
  • The Ace Hotel. Admittedly, it’s quite a bit cooler than I am and more hipster than I normally go for, but in an environment like Palm Springs (which tends to trend ‘retirement’), it just works. The pool is quite fun in the afternoons, with a mixed crowd and all the slushy drinks you could ever want. It is wayyy more mellow than a Vegas pool party (thank goodness), and as a non-drinker I still had a great time. We brought our own pool floaters, to enhance the experience!
  • Be sure to check out the adorable retro-inspired diner at the Hotel “King’s Highway” worth a visit to the hotel alone! We ate here for multiple meals (breakfasts, late lunches, dinner) and left satisfied every time.
  • The rooms were quite spacious – we had about 4 crammed into a room, and with two cots and piles of luggage still had a lot of extra closet space, etc. The beds were also sooo comfy (and I slept on a cot!)
  • Hotel is close to the main strip, where we headed for dinner and drinks and then a wander around some art galleries too. Daytime shopping and strolling was out, as it was late July and the thought of anything but being by the pool was too hot. However, the galleries were all open later so we had a wander in.


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